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Firearm Training

We have the know-how you need.

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   We offer more than just a traditional gun range- we provide firearm training and tactics to prepare you for the demands of real-life confrontations. Andrey Patenko  are NRA certified and fully insured firearms experts.  He have over 30 years of combined military and law-enforcement experience. Our courses are designed for all levels of fire arm users- from beginner to advanced levels- training law enforcement, armed professionals, and civilians. We can provide all equipment/ammunition for safe and effective training in any combat scenario. 

Acquire the essential skills to defend yourself and your loved ones from potential threats using firearm training with real-world immersion, specifically designed to be easily adaptable to all levels of experience. 
Live Fire Tactical Range Focus Areas:
Proper Firearm Safety 
Increase your reaction time - draw and fire
Critical thinking in real life situations - shoot/no shoot
Reality Based Drills from low/no light shooting, shooting on the move, moving targets, barricades, cover and concealment, positions, close quarter engagements, to contact drills and more

The Firearm  course will review the basic fundamentals of marksmanship and safety of your firearm. The dynamic tactical indoor range with state of the art paper targets will enhance the understanding of the realistic timing and the decision making process required to use your firearm responsibly. The most advanced firearm range will be utilized for real life scenarios, offering a progressive training solution adaptable for all skill levels for immersive training - a truly interactive learning tool. 

Using UTM in Force on Force training (Universal Training Munitions), an extremely advanced non-lethal training ammunition. This course training will include in Shoot house. The course will begin with the fundamentals of marksmanship in Shoot House use through the practice of advanced skills in a dynamic environment with stress inoculation. Firearm Home Defense Training will get your adrenaline pumping from start to finish. 

Training in a 2,000 sq. ft.- Shoot House, which has all the fundamental characteristics of a real house, , participants will be guided through the shoot house by a certified instructor and will engage multiple paper targets using UTM (Universal Training Munitions) for Berreta 92 handgun. 


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